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We are the first falconry club in the United States.


au1 Alva Nye attended the University of Pennsylvania where he housed his peregrine on the roof of his fraternity house on campus. Within a few weeks, students accompanied him into the field each week to watch his falcon fly. This was the original group.


au2 Al Nye and Bob Stabler founded the Peregrine Club of Philadelphia. Stabler lived in Wallingsford before moving to Glen Mills Pennsylvania which soon became the focus of falconry activity in Pennsylvania.


WW II took most of the club members away to war. Those who returned took up their lives all across the country. Over this period, PCP members maintained the art and began local state clubs.


James Gerlach MD was one of those avid falconers who together with Cornelius McFadden, Lou Woyce, Teddy Kuchak and Heinz Meng spent time each season trapping falcons on Asateague Island, MD. Several of these men were also members of the Potomac Falconers Association and the Mid-Atlantic Falconers clubs.

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McFadden sitting next to his Jeep and Corny McFadden and Dr. James Gerlach riding the assateague beach looking for falcons.




With members dispersed across the country and thriving state and national clubs, the Peregrine Club of Philadelphia as a functioning club went dormant.


au8 A group of PA falconers reconstituted the original club to once again provide PA falconers with a representative voice and for the purpose of achieving a passage peregrine take in the state.


The club achieved the first ever passage peregrine take in PA.


We continue to build a rich heritage. We are a club that enjoys second generation falconers and those who have served as apprentices – before there was an apprentice system - to some of the original falconers of the 1930's, 40's, 50's and beyond.


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