Each year the game commission asks both PA falconry clubs for a list of their working topics for that year. The PGC combines the lists into one than distributes it with each topic listed by club. It creates transparency and lets everyone know which club has ownership of a topic when we meet with them. For the last two years the PCP has enjoyed exclusive ownership of the following;

A) a peregrine take √ 2014
B) Sunday hunting
C) Increase peregrine permits
D) Endorse an automated falconry permit renewal system so falconers can pay for permits along with yearly hunting licenses.

In May and again in August we reported on our progress toward Sunday hunting. For those who missed it, we wrote draft language earlier in the spring of 2015 to introduce an “Act” that legislators could use to amend the current regulation in PA. At that time we proposed language to both the Senate and House Game Committee. Because Sunday hunting is such a hot button issue for many Pennsylvanians we thought it best to affiliate with the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. The Federation is the largest group of hunters and anglers in PA. In August we asked Peregrine Club of Philadelphia members to call, email and meet with their legislators. Our guys and gals rose to the occasion and made the calls, sent emails and met with legislators. A very big THANK YOU TO THE MEMBERSHIP. On September 19, 2015 we attended the Federation’s meeting of delegates to address the attendees. The room was filled with Federation members, national representatives for the NRA, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, a Commissioner, several PGC officers, a Senators aid and support staff, a Judge running for the PA Supreme Court among others. Federation delegates listened to the Peregrine Club make our case and immediately voted to support Sunday hunting for falconry in PA. Senate staffers offered congratulations. Our club lobbyist observed that the way we crafted the language made it easy for legislators to support. So on November 12, 2015 I received word that Senator Scavello enjoys more than enough support to move forward including the support of Senator Yaw as one of the cosponsors who chose to support us at the request of one of our members, Dan Witkiewicz. The language has now been given a name, SB1065. On a personal note, the Senate invited me to attend the vote since I proposed the language, very cool!

The bill needs to clear the floor than on to appropriations and back to an open floor vote. I will be there throughout the process and keep you updated.


Dwight Lasure
Peregrine Club of Philadelphia

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