ARTICLE II Board of Directors

Section 1. General Powers
Section 2. Number, Tenure and Qualification
Section 3. Resignation and Removal
Section 4. Vacancies
Section 5. Annual Meetings
Section 6. Regular Meetings
Section 7. Special Meetings
Section 8. Notice
Section 9. Quorum
Section 10. Manner of Acting
Section 11. Participation in Meetings
Section 12. Compensation

Section 1. Officers
Section 2. Election and Term of Office
Section 3. Removal
Section 4. Vacancies
Section 5. President
Section 6. Vice-Presidents
Section 7. Secretary
Section 8. Treasurer
Section 9. Compensation

ARTICLE IV Committees
Section 1. Committees
Section 2. Authority of Committees
Section 3. Standing Committees
Section 4. Members
Section 5. Admission to Membership
Section 6. Dues 
Section 7. Duration 
Section 8. Termination or Suspension

ARTICLE V Restrictions on Distributions
Section 1. Purposes Provided in the Articles of Incorporation
Section 2. Communism, Terrorism, and Subversive Organizations
Section 3. Exempt Organization
Section 4. Sub Accounts

ARTICLE VI Indemnification and Liability of Directors and Officers
Section 1. Personal Liability of Directors
Section 2. Indemnification
Section 3. Advancement of Expenses
Section 4. Other Rights
Section 5. Insurance
Section 6. Indemnity Agreements
Section 7. Modification

ARTICLE VII Amendments


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